It is absolutely true that there are many things young men and young women of the Church can and should do so that they will enter the mission field more prepared and effective upon their arrival.  The Lord is hastening His work of Salvation, there can be no doubt.  We are seeing both the challenges and the blessings of increased emphasis coming to pass all around us daily. We see an outpouring of the Spirit and blessings upon those missionaries who have the desire and come prepared to serve.

Not very long ago young men and young women of the Church had an opportunity to spend a lengthy time in the MTC’s (Mission Training Centers) of the Church located throughout the world. Amongst many things, a particular purpose was to educate and train them to be more effective missionaries, to help them comprehend gospel principles they did not yet understand, to help them increase the strength of their testimonies.  Young people do not have such a luxury at this time.  They need to come prepared. Although to loved ones, two years or 18 months seems like a long time . . . and it is . . . the time passes rapidly.  You will want to make use of everyday!

Missionaries come from many different backgrounds . . .

We see that not all missionaries come to the mission on equal footing.  They come with many and varied experiences in the gospel.  Some missionaries arrive after learning gospel principles from their days of Primary, Young men / Young Women and seminary and institute classes.  Many missionaries, especially outside of the United States arrive in the mission field as new converts to the Church.  Each has a fervent testimony and a desire to share, but their experience in the gospel is somewhat different.

The most important convert of a missionary is him or herself.  Each missionary will see long term blessings related to missionary service. Yet, the missionaries of the Church are the mouthpiece of our Heavenly Father and Savior in proclaiming His restored gospel here upon the earth.  They are called and set apart by Priesthood authority to be representatives of the Savior and to teach in His name.  They can fulfill their sacred calling more effectively and have more meaningful experiences by taking the time to come well prepared. 

I would advise young people (and ALL people really . . . for are we not ALL missionaries and representatives of the Savior?) to read carefully the article referenced above.

In addition to strengthening your testimony and gospel knowledge in the weeks and months before your mission, there are some other important preparations to make.

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