We’ve all heard it before. The ‘Doom and Gloom’ speech that starts with, ‘Missions are tough’! Like that shocks anyone anymore. No, we’ve all heard it a thousand times in mission prep classes. “Missionary work is work, and it’s tough, and you can’t come home, you’ll get bitten by a dog and have people slam doors in your face every day… oh, and you’ll lose your right leg on top of that…. b.u.t. (with a long pause) It’s worth it” they say.

So, if you’re looking for a Doom and Gloom list, then you’ve come to the wrong place. Here are 8, very common, positive parts of being a mormon missionary. So whilst you mission prep, think of the good times you’ve got coming.

1, You may actually like your companions 

RM’s can’t seem to talk enough about their ‘worst’ companions, but in fact you’ll probably make more lifelong friends than be stuck with challenging people. I’ve not met a missionary yet who doesn’t keep in contact with at least a few, years and years on. They are kind of comparable to your war buddies. You come back into civilian life, where most people don’t know what it was really like. But your mission companions do, they relate completely. Remember, you can learn something from everyone you meet.

2, You could lose that extra bit of weight or, bulk-up  

What a perfect opportunity to walk, cycle, run and play sports. Even if you don’t normally. Just start slowly and build it up. You’ve got 18-24 months to get into some good habits and a companion to help you to do it. The more you notice a change, the more motivated you’ll be. Whether you want to bulk up or lose the weight, there’s time and support to make it happen. It’s easier when everyone’s doing it. To read more, check out: how to lose weight on a mission  #bestversionofyou

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