Hastening the Work of Salvation –  As our Heavenly Father hastens His work of salvation, it is up to us as members of His Church to keep pace.  I am inspired by the words of Elder David A. Bednar from instruction given at the Seminar for New Mission Presidents in 2014 – 
“The hastening of the Lord’s work requires His followers continuously to learn, to change, and “to press forward with faith in the Savior . . . Elder Bednar suggested that members ask themselves if they as individuals and as a Church will choose to keep pace with the Lord’s hastening. “Or will we insist on doing things the way they have always been done, or the ways we are accustomed to or comfortable with?”

When it comes to missionary work missionaries must now enter the mission field better prepared to serve!  We no longer have the long stays once possible at the MTC’s (Mission Training Centers) and CCM’s (Centro de Capacitacion Misional).  Stays are brief, focusing for many on learning necessary language skills and a brief introduction to the missionary lifestyle and Preach my Gospel

From Day One! Upon arrival in the mission field missionaries begin teaching and testifying from day one!  You will have an assigned trainer and companion who will lead you through the prepared lessons of the booklet “The First 12 Weeks” as you become familiar with and gain a testimony of missionary work and the gospel principles and doctrines of the Church found in Preach my Gospel.  The following video describes the importance  of “The First 12 Weeks” program and the great blessing it is for missionaries as they begin their mission.
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