Missionaries carry a seriously important message, but no one could say that they take themselves too seriously. I think my Mission President’s wife was right when she said that “Elders have the most clean fun going”.

So, I’ve set out to prove this statement correct with 20 awesome photos. I think Joseph Smith summed it up pretty well when he said: ”You must not mind this. When I am with the boys I make all the fun I can.”


Funny Mormon Mission Photo

Taking a break… and keeping an eye on things. (Image via www.missiongeek.net)


Funny mission photos- driving  car

Just practicing for my first date back home. (Image via www.missiongeek.net)


Missionary Photos LDS and Funny

Pun-chy (Image via www.missiongeek.net)


Funny LDS Mission Photos

The Mission Leader Hat (Image via www.missiongeek.net)

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