President Dieter F. Uchtdorf shared a moment on a video from his Facebook page about his patriarchal blessing being fulfilled. He was promised that he would return to the place of his birth to preach the gospel. As he says in the video, he was able to do this in 1995, but has once again returned to the place of his birth and wrote about on his Facebook page.

Here is the full story:

“This week I visited my childhood home in Ostrava, Czech Republic. I was reminded of the beautiful childhood I had during the first four years of my life while we lived here. I remember walking down a walkway near our house with little animals to the nearby river. I have wonderful memories of this home.

“I am glad that even though we left and had to experience the sadness of war, that I still have great memories of those first four years of my life in the Czech Republic. I feel very much at home here, coming back to the place of my birth.

“What a blessing it is to come back to the actual place of my birth. The gospel connects everyone. I feel a part of them. We are very happy to be here. This is a happy place.”