On April 25th, Missionary Mommas, LDS Missionary Expo and MissionaryStrong Foundation are hosting a fun run to benefit missionaries around the world. It is the first annual Lengthen Your Stride – Hasten Your Shuffle 5K, 3K, 1K benefit run. It will be held in Orem, Utah at 7:30 am. All proceeds will benefit missionaries around the world who are financially unable to serve a full-time mission.

Special VIP Guests
Sister Kendal Levine and her mom, Melody Levine 

Kendal had been a Sister Missionary serving in Australia for 13 months and was hit by a car. She is getting better every day, and plans to participate with us!

Kendal Levine

Kendal Levine was cheered on by her former basketball fans after returning from her mission after the car accident. PC DeseretNews.com

If you didn’t read Kendal’s story, check it out on Deseret News.

LDS Missionary Expo Fun run

The main missionary benefit fun run will be in Orem, Utah, but anyone who wants to join the run all over the world can do so and is invited to sign up and run and take a picture of themselves with the T-shirt on. All pictures of runners will be posted later on the Missionary Mommas and LDS Missionary Expo Facebook page. All who register (whether in Orem or elsewhere) will get a T-shirt and a wristband (outside of Orem will get their shirts and wristbands shipped). We will choose some of the best pictures (from all the runs including Orem) to post as a symbol of our support of missionaries who need help to get on a mission.

Many preparing LDS youth do not have the funds to serve. As was mentioned above, proceeds from this event will directly benefit those missionaries who would otherwise be able to serve, but who are financially unable.

To sign up for the missionary benefit run, sign up on the Eventbrite page or on the LDS Missionary Expo event page.