Missionaries get 30 minutes in the morning for a little physical fitness. Using this time for a quick workout helps missionaries feel better, inside and out. What are some workout regimes that can be done on a mission, with limited time and resources?

We turned to Pinterest for a few quick ideas. Future sister missionaries on Pinterest LOVE to create boards with ideas for their missions. (Pinterest is getting more popular with guys, but it’s still mostly gals) These boards include scripture study tips, quotes from prophets, suitcase packing advice, modest cute fashion ideas, and workout plans! Below are a few workouts that came up frequently in our searches.

Although these workouts aren’t specifically designed for missionaries, they can be done in 30 minutes or less, and don’t require equipment or a gym. These can also be done inside the apartment, which is helpful if your companion isn’t up for going on a run or walk outside.

Yes, we discovered these on Pinterest, but they’re not just for sisters! Elders will find these helpful too. Which one is your favorite?

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