Last week She Traveled, Sister Missionary Outfitters, hosted a contest asking returned sister missionaries to submit their sketches and notes for the perfect sister missionary bag. Sisters were asked to consider and design the bag they wish they had while on their mission. While we saw a lot of creativity in the designs themselves, most shared several of the same factors: Waterproof, padded shoulder strap, enough room for all the books one must carry, space for a water bottle, etc.

Based on style and practicality, She Traveled selected three designs to be presented for a public vote. Now it’s your turn to share what you think! Help us choose the design that should be made into a real bag for sister missionaries serving all over the world. See the top three designs below, then vote for your favorite on Facebook following the instructions provided.

Voting begins on 3/30/15 and will end on 4/10/15.

Sister Missionary Bag Design 1: Bielefeld
Designed By: Whitney McGruder
Mission Served: Germany Berlin, Aug 2011-Feb 2013

Sister Missionary Bag 1
If you click on the image, you will see suggestions for where the missionary can place all her things. As a missionary, I loved having a side bag with the one shoulder strap. This one is different with the shoulder padding, as well as the waterproof material. As I served in Germany, I always needed a bag that would keep everything dry inside. This bag will do the same. 

The pockets are also very convenient—easy access to planners or cards. Sisters should be able to access such items easily when they meet potential investigators.

The design of the bag is also ideal for all kinds of transportation. For sisters who take trains and buses, this bag is ideal. You can simply swing the bag around and it sits on your lap. It’s easy to ensure that while walking or traveling, you won’t be an easy victim of pick-pocketing. This bag is also comfortable to wear while riding a bike if the mission bikes do not come with baskets. 

Lastly, this bag is a neutral light gray color, which would go well with many different colors or styles. It balances a professional and feminine look; a sister missionary has to have something that looks professional but is still durable for the work—and this bag will deliver. 
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Sister Missionary Bag Design 2: Philadelphia
Designed By: Zyzlila Vazquez
Mission Served: Pennsylvania Philadelphia, May 2006-Jul 2007
Sister Missionary Bag 2Sister Missionary Bag 2b

During my mission I bought several bags and or purses. My goal was to fit everything that I needed to have in order to make preaching the gospel easier. However nothing seemed to work,  due to little space and the strap being to uncomfortable. It is hard to find a purse that fits a couple Book of Mormon’s, a planner, pamphlets, pass along cards and even a couple of pens.
The bag is wide enough, tall enough and thick enough for an iPad and 2 copies of the Book of Mormon and several pamphlets. Including a few pens.
There are two front pockets.  One pocket can hold a cell phone. The second front pocket can hold the pass-a-long cards.
Behind the zipper pocket there is room for sister missionaries’ personal information such as their drivers license,  bank card, cash and temple recommend. There’s no need for a big heavy wallet but rather have enough space to hold important information. There’s also space for chapstick, extra pens or high lighters, small camera and maybe even a water bottle. There’s a side pocket with easy access for a pen.
One of my struggles as I mentioned before we’re the straps on a purse. After long hours of proselytizing, my shoulders would hurt. At times I would have marks on my shoulder due to the strap. So when I think of a sister missionary bag I think of the strap that holds everything together. I have chosen to design the top of the strap with padding. Padding will be more comfortable and less painful when carrying a bag for hours.
This would be my ideal sister missionary bag that I would have loved to have had on my mission.

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Sister Missionary Bag Design 3: Pelotas
Designed By: Renee Kirk
Mission Served: Porto Alegre Sul, Aug 2013-Feb 2015
Sister Missionary Bag 3

This bag is inspired by the city of Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. The flap design and trim are inspired by the architectural motifs I saw in the city. The colors of the leather, caramel base with chocolate trim, are inspired by the famous sweets of Pelotas.

The 11.5″ X 9″ X 4″ bag is designed to be “just right” in size. It is long enough and tall enough to comfortably fit baptismal forms without folding, and wide enough to fit a standard quad. The interior features a pocket large enough to fit Portuguese pamphlets and by extension the smaller English ones. It could also fit a Book of Mormon. There are other pockets to fit pencils and pens, and a bonus pocket. The side pockets are intended to hold water bottles (or even compact umbrellas for rainy days)! The strap is long enough to wear crossbody, and the width (3/4″) will help distribute the weight of the bag to prevent stress on the back. The little metal feet on the base will help protect the bag when the bag must be put on the ground. The clasp for the flap would preferably be magnetic, but a snap that doesn’t show on the outside is a possible alternative. All visible hardware should have an “antique brass” finish.

All in all, it’s the bag I wished I’d had as a Sister in Brasil. I hope that, if chosen, this bag can help Sisters all over the world.

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