The Tennessean reported that Tyler Todd, a man who wasn’t looking for Mormonism or even a new religion found himself curious after watching some videos of the Tony-Award winning “The Book of Mormon” musical.

We published a similar story and video on Joey Macasieb, who joined the Church and has since served as a full-time missionary. Tyler and Joey have similar stories in that neither were looking, but both thought “why not find out more?” with the result of them looking more seriously, asking God for themselves, and ultimately deciding to be baptized.

We think these stories are really something as this musical is meant to be a mockery of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a religion. It’s surprising to know that there are so many baptisms that come from this irreverent and satirical musical, but we just keep hearing stories about this happening.

Tyler Todd told the Tennessean:

“I just thought it was really funny and obviously I knew it was kind of making fun of the religion,” Todd said. “I was like, ‘Well, I’ve heard their side of things, I want to hear what people who actually believe think about it.”

Tyler was baptized in September, a little over a year after he first encountered the musical. We don’t agree with the musical’s message, but we sure are glad that some can see past the crass humor like Tyler, Joey (and a former California Mayor) did and really look deeper to see if there is substance to what we crazy Mormons believe.