Editor’s Note: Elder Alex Anderson of Fillmore, Utah, returned home to Utah honorably 18 months ago after completing his two year assignment to labor in the Washington D.C. South Mission.  On Monday of last week, he died suddenly from a brain aneurysm.  Hundreds gathered in his chapel in Fillmore, Utah, on last Saturday morning to share an out-pouring of love at his funeral service.  We share below Elder Anderson’s letter written to his mission president after serving just 8 months in the mission field.

Dear President,

I would like to share part of my conversion story with you, now that I have been in the mission field for almost 8 months.  I have always enjoyed attending church and learning about the gospel.  I faithfully attended my church and mutual meetings, and learned a lot in seminary.  I have wanted to serve a full-time mission since I was a young boy.

In my teen years, I tried to always do what my leaders asked of me in order to be a better prepared missionary.  I attended all my classes and read my scriptures, but when I found myself in the MTC, I still felt very overwhelmed and unprepared.  I still feel that way now, even after serving in the mission field all these months!

But I have felt a growing change in my heart and attitude by regularly studying the scriptures and praying every morning and evening.

Elder Alex Anderson (left) with his companion Steven Meitler. via ldsmag.com

Elder Alex Anderson (left) with his companion Steven Meitler. via ldsmag.com

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