Have you ever wondered if The Book of Mormon Musical has led curious people to learn more about the Church? Well, Joey Macasieb, a former devoted Catholic, is one of these people. He never would have known that it would be him. He found himself at The Book of Mormon Musical with his mom (see image below).

Joey at the Book Of Mormon Musical Pantages Theater

Joey Macasieb with his mom at the Pantages Theater in LA

Within weeks of when he had seen The Book of Mormon Musical, missionaries just happened to show up at his door. Full time missionaries serving in his area were tracting in his neighborhood and were surprised to find someone who was actually interested in finding out more. The elders were a bit hesitant to come in, wondering if he was just another person who would rip them apart with questions of persecution. Joey told them that he wanted to know some answers to questions about some of the things in the musical, like “do you really believe you will be able to have your own planet?” Either way, the elders went in with the risk, and following the Spirit. They were bold with Joey. They gave him a copy of the real Book of Mormon, and told him, “read it for yourself.”

playbill of the Book of Mormon Musical

Joey holding the playbill of the Book of Mormon Musical

Joey read. And read. And read. He couldn’t stop. He found truth. He was surprised by the truth he found. Simple truths stood out to him of questions he had his whole life as a Catholic. Before the missionaries came back the second time, he had read all the way to 2nd Nephi. Three months later, Joey was baptized. He shares the whole story in this interview below. He shares his testimony in the video of how he went from protesting at the L.A. Temple during Proposition 8 protests, to seeking for truth and giving up everything to obtain it. His story is an impressive example of one who is bold enough to set his past life behind and put on a new self in Christ. Like Paul the apostle, who persecuted the saints and then found himself as one of their leaders, Joey hopes to share the gospel with as many as he can, for as long as he lives.