Long before the events that led to Annie Schmidt’s death, she and her brother were working on a song together. They actually started writing it before she left to serve a mission in Georgia for a year and a half. They never finished it together, but Spencer published it recently as a tribute to her. It just so happened that it is a song of Annie singing “don’t worry darling” as if it were her singing comfort to her family, now that she has gone.

Thank you for your prayers for the Schmidt family at this time of loss for them. If you want to listen to the song, watch it below:

Spencer said this about the video:

“Before my sister Annie left on her mission for the Mormon Church a few years ago, we wrote a song together about her leaving. Life happened and we never got around to finishing it. Months before she passed, we fell back in love with the song and were working towards finishing it. Perhaps because the whole experience was so surreal, I never cried during the past two weeks… until I listened to this song. I sat in my basement and just wept, because the words weren’t just sending her off to Georgia for a year and a half but they were now sending her off to the next life. The timing of the song for me was a powerful witness to me that god lives and that he wanted to give my family and I a gift that we could cherish for the rest of our mortal lives. I want to share it, hoping that anyone (especially those who have lost a loved one) can draw strength from its message.”

And here is another song that Annie, Spencer and their dad, Jon did together over five years ago that is posted on the PianoGuys website: