Before I left on my mission, I was blessed to receive quite a few gifts. Among these was a small book full of missionary miracles. It contained small, true stories written by returned missionaries about unbelievable, incredible acts of God they witnessed on their mission.

While this book was uplifting and made me excited about the work, it might have made my expectations a little too high. I went out into the mission field expecting miracles like the ones I’d read about–we would knock on a door and find someone who had dreamed about us coming the day before, we would pray mightily and be blessed with fifteen new investigators in one day, or we would open a new area, reactivate an entire family, etc. But none of those things happened. A few months into my mission, I began to doubt.

Where were my miracles? When would something that fantastic happen to me?

During my study one day, I read in the Bible Dictionary about miracles. It stated, “Miracles are a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If miracles cease it is because faith has ceased.” I began to fear that my faith was too weak to produce miracles.

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