1.  Why I don’t sob at the MTC
(Source: Deseret News; By Trish Mercer)  

5 MTC drop off day perspectives

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In the past 25 months, I’ve taken three children to the Missionary Training Center in Provo where they trained to be full-time missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Each time I’ve returned, as I did on a recent Wednesday, friends and neighbors have said, “Did you cry all the way home?” or “Oh, you must be so heavy-hearted” or “What a sad day.”

I’m baffled by these comments. Those three visits to the MTC have been great days. And here’s why:

I knew this day was coming.

In the case of our two sons, my husband Dave and I knew when they were just blips on the ultrasound that we wanted them to serve Mormon missions. Dave also made sure to refer to their future missions not in terms of “If you choose …” but “When you go …” We’ve been anticipating this day for literally our sons’ entire lives, and we have three more boys who we hope will follow their brothers’ examples.

Nor has the day of their missions arrived suddenly; it’s not like we’re living 150 years ago when calls were extended by Brigham Young at the pulpit telling the congregation which men needed to be on their way in the next week. Missionaries today even get to choose their availability date. There’s no surprise. We’ve been filling out papers and shopping and packing for months.

Our daughter serving a mission, however, was a surprise to both us and her. She decided she was going about one hour after the age change was announced in October 2012. Still, we had weeks and months to plan for that day, and we eagerly anticipated it.

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2. MTC Day: So long, Farewell, Goodbye, Write Soon!
(Source: Mormon Soprano)

(The Mormon Soprano is a popular blogger who sings with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. She shares her experience of dropping her youngest child off at the MTC.)

Wednesday February 13, 2013 – Journal Entry

I am officially a Missionary Mom!

This morning our goal was to leave the house at 7:00 am – (we actually left at about 7:20 am), to begin the epic drive down to Provo, Utah for MTC DAY. From our south-bound lanes we noticed a bad accident and traffic jam on the north-bound side of the Freeway and we hoped that it would be cleared up by the time we headed back to SLC.


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3.  A Mother’s Farewell Poem to her Son at the MTC
(Source: Meridian Magazine)

As we went through the MTC doors, I said, “Heavenly Father, he is yours.”

With tears burning in my eyes.

We said our farewells and good-byes.

He’s not off to kindergarten, he’s not out to play,

he’s doing the Lord’s work today.

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4.  The MTC Drop Off Experience-  The Nicest Gut Punch Ever. 🙂 
(Source: My Happy Place)

The Nicest Gut Punch Ever. 🙂

That’s how it felt to me.  Some call it bittersweet, some call it excruciating joy, miserable happiness, it’s all true.  I am now one of those mothers who have experienced dropping their 18 or 19 year old off at the MTC (Missionary Training Center) in Provo, Utah. It is a very different feeling.  Both Rick and I agree, it was different than sending our daughter off to college.  That seemed hard to me, but I could pick up the phone and call her an hour later!  It’s very different knowing you will only hear from them via email once a week. However, I will always remember the really, really nice day that it was.  I loved it, even though it was very hard.

It really began the night before, when the Stake President came to our home and set Sam apart as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  What a special night!  I was so thankful to have all my children gathered in that living room to experience it.

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5.  “The Mormons Stole My Baby!” – 3 Ways to Survive Being a Missionary Mom
(Source: LDS Daily)

“The Mormons stole my baby!”

That was the text I sent to my best friend as we drove home from the airport.  It was only one of the many crazy emotional sentiments I felt that day.  My son would be reporting to the MTC in Preston, England so there was no Provo curbside photo and farewell.  Instead, we lingered outside of the security area of the Salt Lake airport, waiting for the delayed flight to flip to “boarding” status on the departures board.  Hugs, a few last minute instructions, a passing glance over his shoulder as he met and shook hands with other missionaries, and then he was on his way.

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