Have you ever prayed and received no answer? Who hasn’t? Do you ever feel like there is a wall between you and heaven? Here is what Elder Christofferson said on his recent Facebook post that we should do to open back up the windows of heaven.

There may be times when you feel that your prayers are not going anywhere—times when you wonder if your Heavenly Father is listening.

If this happens to you, I suggest that you express gratitude for your blessings, one by one. There is something about a grateful heart that opens the heavens.

You might also ask in prayer, “What lack I yet?” Or, “Is there something I have forgotten that needs to be corrected?” This is a hard prayer to utter, but I testify that honest answers will come. If your heart is open to the Lord’s will (if you are praying with real intent), He will give you what you need to change or correct in order to grow.

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