Bill Clinton a Mormon?

Believe it or not, that became a very real possibility when Clinton was growing up in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

It was there Clinton was approached by missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, according to an interview with BuzzFeed.

In September 2012, President Clinton also told a group of reporters that he had attended “recruiting presentations” for the Church in Arkansas.

Clinton spoke highly of the missionaries’ efforts as well as of the Church, saying he admired the high ethical standards Mormons keep as well as their belief in a celestial kingdom.

But it turns out that belief was also what convinced him not to join the Church. In “recounting the different degrees of heaven as was explained to him 50 years ago, [Clinton described] it as a pyramid with many levels that put Hitler and Stalin at the very bottom, faithful Mormons on top, and everyone else in between,” writes Zeke Miller.

But this idea offers a simplified and incorrect view of LDS doctrine.

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