Ever feel like you don’t fit the “Latter-day Saint mold”?

Worse, do you feel like members of your ward or branch are passing judgment upon you because you are somehow lacking or not living up to the high cultural standards that have been set?

Welcome to the club.

My guess is, most members of your ward feel the same way. While your situation may be unique in some fashion to you, others have their own circumstances they feel are unique to them. They, too, feel like they don’t quite measure up.

Don’t believe me? Then, take an inventory of everything you know about the families in your congregation. If any of the following has happened or might reasonably happen to them in the future, then they most likely feel like they don’t fit in, either.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but an opportunity to get you thinking about all the reasons why others around you might feel they don’t fit in. Feel free to come up with your own reasons.


Marital status:

  • Widowed
  • Divorced
  • Remarried
  • Married to a non-member spouse
  • Single but over the “normal” married age
  • Married, but don’t have children
  • Married, but only have one child
  • Married, but not in the temple
  • Married, but one or both spouses are less active
  • Single parent

Activity status:

  • Inactive
  • Less active
  • Goes to church, but doesn’t have a calling
  • Goes to church, but doesn’t go to class
  • Goes to church, but doesn’t participate in class discussions
  • Active, but rarely goes to activities
  • Active, but has never been to Relief Society because of Primary or Young Women callings
  • Active, but has never been to Elders Quorum because of Primary or Young Men callings
  • Attending church, but currently in some stage of Church discipline


  • Unemployed
  • Underemployed

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