In the cozy home where he raised his children, President Russell M. Nelson sat on the piano bench and played Christmas carols without the aid of music. Next to him sat 7-year-old Claire Crosby, a young YouTube star. Video cameras rolled.

The first leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to make a music video, President Nelson performed “Silent Night” on the piano as Claire sang along. Each agreed music is one way they can share their testimony of Jesus Christ.

President Nelson shared the video on his Facebook page on Sunday, Dec. 15, as part of the Church’s Christmas service campaign, “Light the World.”

Claire’s dad, Dave Crosby, said the family was “absolutely shocked” that Claire was invited to make a video with President Nelson. “We have had a lot of incredible experiences over the last few years,” he said. “When this opportunity presented itself we knew it would be the most special.”

Claire, who has more than 6 million followers on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, said making the video with President Nelson was “really exciting and really fun.” She and her family are Latter-day Saints.

When Claire arrived at the house, President Nelson thanked her for coming and introduced her to his wife, Sister Wendy Nelson.

Between takes, Sister Nelson asked Claire if there was anything she wanted to ask President Nelson.

“What is your favorite color?” Claire asked.

“What is my favorite color?” President Nelson responded. “You know, I love them all.”

“I like all of them too,” Claire said.

“It is just like children,” continued President Nelson. “Do I have a favorite child? Oh no. Everyone is special. Blue is special. Yellow is special. Orange and red, I love them all.”

“I do too,” said Claire.

A few minutes later, Claire asked President Nelson a more serious question.

“How do you know what the Holy Ghost feels like?”

President Nelson answered, “Sometimes you get an idea in your mind and you wonder where did that come from. Often it is Heavenly Father trying to teach us through the Holy Ghost something we hadn’t been thinking of. Something really wonderful. Like, maybe I should go give my mom a hand with the dishes or with the baby. Or maybe I should go help my dad tune up his guitar. Lots of times we think the ideas are from ourselves, but they are really given to us through the Holy Ghost. It is wonderful. It is a great gift.”

And then they sang again.

“How was that?” said President Nelson.

“It was great,” said Claire.

President Nelson then looked at the crew and said, “She said it was great.”

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