As we eat at Thanksgiving, we should thank our Heavenly Father for having blessed us with so much to eat in abundance. We should also be thankful that He blesses His missionaries and protects them while they help others come unto Him.

We thought you might like to see what things missionaries have eaten while in the field (not necessarily in order of strangeness). We asked fans from our Facebook page to help us out, so the direct quotes you see below are from them.

Without further ado:

  1. Chicken Feet. “I served in New York Spanish speaking, but a member took us to an authentic Chinese place in China Town.”
  2. Pepper soup with shrimp, cow stomach and pig foot, in Minnesota. “SUPER SPICY!”
  3. A tiny whole dried fish, Temple Square at Salt Lake City Mission. No wonder the fish was so small and dried out–the poor thing was doomed to swim in a state that’s mostly a desert.
  4. Fox squirrel, in Michigan. A fox squirrel is a large tree squirrel with red fur colored like a fox’s. “Fried with bacon, onions, and cornbread mix.” Sounds like a party–I’m almost sorry I missed it, but then I remember they were eating fox squirrel.
  5. Pork blood curd  (zhu xue), California Los Angeles, Mandarin-Speaking Mission. “It’s essentially solid pig blood, coagulated in a refrigerator and then heated with warm water. Of course, they didn’t tell me what it was before I ate it <laughing emoji> (probably for the better).”
  6. Kangaroo burgers in Québec, Canada of all places! According to, kangaroo burgers go well with onion, caraway seed, thyme, egg, and lemon zest.
  7. Poutine with rabbit meat and A LOT of goat cheese, also in Québec. “Poutine is a dish in Québec consisting of french fries topped off with delicious cheese curds and a signature poutine gravy. It’s normally delicious, but this poutine was super bad. We bought poutine from a fast food restaurant that had a LOT of goat cheese on it, and we brought it home and added some rabbit meat a member had given us. The flavor combination was pretty disgusting–it was like some poor, misguided soul had put ketchup on ice cream. But we still ate it.”
  8. Bear meat, in Idaho. The only thing I’ve ever eaten from a bear was honey from one of those bear-shaped containers. If Bear Grylls ate bear meat, could we say that “Bear Grylls grills bears?”
  9. Isaw, Phillipines. “Isaw is BBQ intestine.” Um. Let’s just keep going.
  10. Fried piranha head, Brazil. Not sure if the feeding frenzy this dish made was as crazy as a piranha’s feeding frenzy, but if the South has taught us anything it’s that anything tastes good when it’s fried.
  11. Sparrow, in Mainland China. A “bony little sparrow” at that, too. Poor Tweety Bird…
  12. Balut (Baby duck egg) in the Philippines. There seems to be a bird theme today.
  13. Sea urchin eggs, Italy. “It’s not all pasta and pizza.”
  14. Spicy frog soup, Thailand. “A spicy mashed-up frog with Thai chilies” (twenty times spicier than a jalapeno, by the way), “that you used a cucumber to scoop up.
  15. A rat.”

I can imagine that poor Elder’s conversation with his district leader that evening:

“How was your day, Elder So-and-so?”

“I ate a rat. ‘Nuff said.”


Special thanks to everyone who participated and sent in their foods!!!

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