The women of the Church have “the spiritual power to change the world,” President Russell M. Nelson declared in his remarks on Saturday night, Oct. 3. “I have watched you doing just that during this pandemic,” he said.

Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints acknowledged the tremendous challenges faced by many women today during the Women’s Session of the 190th Semiannual General Conference. However, in a year marked by financial and physical hardships amid natural disasters and pandemic, leaders also conveyed their love, concern for, and confidence in the women of the Church.

The sisters have been “absolutely heroic,” President Nelson said. “I marvel at your strength and your faith. You have shown that in difficult circumstances, you bravely carry on. I love you, and I assure you that the Lord loves you and sees the great work you are performing. Thank you! Once again, you have proven that you are literally the hope of Israel.”

Despite challenges, “we have so much to look forward to! The Lord placed you here now because He knew you had the capacity to negotiate the complexities of the latter part of these latter days. …

“I am not saying that the days ahead will be easy, but I promise you that the future will be  glorious for those who are prepared, and who continue to prepare to be instruments in the Lord’s hands,” President Nelson said.

Young Women General President Bonnie H. Cordon, who conducted the session, offered brief comments prior to introducing a new video depicting women of the Church throughout the world serving, nurturing and encouraging those around them. “Your individual efforts have been considered collectively and have had a magnificent global influence,” she said.

The past six months have been unusually challenging. And yet, “We have watched you seek the light of the Savior through study and prayer. As covenant daughters you have reached out and shared the light through service to those around you, expressing your faith through your actions.”

President Dallin H. Oaks assured his female listeners that the First Presidency is concerned about the challenges women worldwide are facing. They love and pray for the women. “The Lord has special love and concern for His precious daughters,” he said. “He knows of your wants, your needs, and your fears. The Lord is all powerful. Trust Him.”

Opposition is part of Heavenly Father’s plan, but all trials and tribulations are temporary. Joy can be found in the principles and promises of the gospel and in the fruit of one’s labors, the first counselor in the First Presidency said.

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