Ever since the prophet and apostles have become more active on social media, they have been flooded with personal comments, messages and requests on their official pages. Have you ever wondered if it is them posting quotes from talks or if it is just one of their secretaries or a social media specialist that works for the Church? Do you wonder if they actually read your comments? Apparently, President Uchtdorf does, and he wanted us to know this.

Last week, President Uchtdorf shared responses to a few of the social media posts members gave as part of his invitation:

“Sometimes people leave comments on my Facebook posts and tweets asking if I actually read what they write. The answer is yes! I do read many of your comments. Like I said during general conference, while my tech skills may not quite measure up to those of a typical seven-year-old, for a septuagenarian, I do all right.

“After my Saturday morning conference address, I published a Facebook post and a tweet that asked you to share with me ways that you express gratitude for the flood of light and truth God has poured out upon you.

“I was uplifted and inspired to read the comments you left.

“Jake on Twitter told me that he created a brand-new Twitter account that he uses for the purpose of sharing the gospel with others.

“Sheri on Facebook shared that she keeps a gratitude journal that has helped her and her family keep perspective and light during recent times of trial.

“Also on Facebook, Marlo said that she deliberately strives to show gratitude by showing love to her little children and husband even when the “natural man” in her would prompt her to be angry, selfish, or busy.

“These are just a few of the hundreds of comments shared with me over the weekend. I am so grateful for all that you do to live your faith.”