By now, many of you have read the article by Greg Trimble entitled, “PRESIDENT MONSON…I WISH I COULD HAVE COME AND HELD YOU UP“. I, like Greg, had the same reaction as I watched President Thomas S. Monson lose his strength and almost fall over right before our eyes during the final session of General Conference.

Towards the end of his address, President Monson’s speech slowed and he began repeating words. He appeared to have difficulty standing, and he was leaning on the podium to brace himself. My feelings went from slight concern to fear very quickly. My greatest worry was that he would fall, and my greatest question was, “Why is no one standing by him?”

You might recall other moments when general authorities have needed support while giving a talk in General Conference. Perhaps the most recent and poignant example was Russell M. Nelson who came to the aid of Joseph B. Wirthlin as he gave his talk on “The Great Commandment.” I was certain this would be a similar occurrence, but none of the apostles ever came to support the prophet.

WHY not? I couldn’t understand.

I read one sweet sister describe her similar reaction to seeing President Monson in that state. She said, “I was on the edge of my seat ready to reach through the T.V. with a prayer on my lips that our beloved prophet, President Monson would be OK.”

Luckily, President Monson was able to finish his talk and we all watched with relief as President Uchtdorf and others grabbed hold of President Monson and helped him to his seat. That was the end of the story as I knew it.

Until today.

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