There were surely more than these 10, but here are at least 10 of the most viral missionary work related posts and videos from 2014. These are not in order of virality/impact. What else are we missing here? Please tell us in the comments.

1. Missionaries Give Snoop Dogg Book of Mormon

Snoop Dogg Gets a Book of Mormon.

Snoop Dogg Gets a Book of Mormon from Sister ‘Otukolo and Andelin

See our blog post about it here: Rapper Snoop Dogg Receives Book of Mormon.

And see our Facebook post here.

2. Mormon Missionary Holds his Own in Street Breakdancing Battle

You may have seen this on LDS Living or LDS Smile (or many other blogs who found and reposted it). Pretty amazing.

3. Photo of Missionaries Doing Service

Mormon Missionaries Doing Service

More than 2 million views and over 1500 comments, this photo went viral on both Reddit and imgur.

4. Missionaries Rescue Ducklings

5. LDS NBA star Jabari Parker poses with two LDS Missionaries.

Jabari Parker with Missionaries

Jabari Parker with Missionaries click link below to see original

LDS NBA star Jabari Parker, posed with these two elders and posted about his faith on instagram:

“I don’t post much but when I do, it’s only because I feel some type of inspiration that I would like to share with some of you. I just want to thank god for sending people like the missionaries in my life. Words can’t express how much joy I get from people who take the time out their days to dedicate themselves just to make you feel some type of peace. I want to challenge everybody out there, to seek some type of peace, for whatever you believe in. You will feel refreshed every single time.”

Click here to see his original post.

6. #BecauseOfHim Video

7. The Meet the Mormons Movie

8. Reminders for Early-Returned Missionaries

This was an original post from and was reposted on LDS Living as well as,, and many other LDS blogs and sites. It made an impact collectively bringing in hundreds of thousands of views, likes shares and comments. Read it here.

8 Powerful Reminders for Missionaries Who Come home Early

 9. David Archuleta’s Version of “Glorious” for Meet the Mormons

10. #HeIsTheGift and #ShareTheGift Videos

Click to see the latest number (on YouTube), but across all channels this video has had over 33 million views in 22 different languages according to Larry Richman at LDS Media Talk.

This Christmas video was a part of this initiative that has had over 6.7 million views on the Piano Guys Channel. Breaking a world record and uniting all the biggest LDS YouTubers in the world to create an amazing masterpiece to celebrate the Reason for the season.