There are a lot of great web developers out there. Many of them have great ideas and make their ideas happen. But how many of them put their skills toward missionary work? Well, two web developers, Tiafau Purcell and Colton Malone have done just that.

In the wee hours of the morning (while they are not at their day jobs, they have been building a new website inspired by Elder David A. Bednar’s 2014 BYU Education Week address, To Sweep The Earth As With a Flood that is all about sharing the gospel through social media.

There are many pages out there that create inspirational quotes with images, but their site,, not only provides inspirational photo messages, but it makes it searchable by keyword, author, category or hashtag AND makes it easily sharable to social media channels. 

sweep the earth

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They are looking to launch the site late January or early in February with full functionality. For now, they are taking emails of anyone who is interested in using this free service to share the gospel.

If you want to help them “sweep the earth” then be sure to go over to and submit your email so that you can use this great free service to share the gospel online in an authentic and inspiring way.