Need a gift for your missionary? Want to send them something to make them smile? These temple socks are perfect for every missionary’s preparation day activities.

Temple socks are a perfect conversation starter while missionaries are doing service in the community to give them something to naturally talk about while helping other people. They get to wear their name tag on their shirt and their temple on their socks!

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LDS Temple Socks for Missionaries

Temples on socks: Provo, SLC, Manti, Mesa, SLC, Provo, Rexburg, San Diego

With 9 different temple designs, and 12 different color combinations, there is a temple sock for everyone! Check out the pictures below and click here if you would like to buy some socks for yourself. We think these socks are amazing and we hope you do too!


Mesa Temple

True Crew Socks was created by Roger Bird when his kids asked for a pair of Seattle city socks for Christmas. He thought, “Man these city socks are awesome. Wouldn’t it be sweet if we could buy a pair with an LDS temple on it?…” And True Crew Socks was born.

LDS Temple Socks for Missionaries

Los Angeles Temple

True Crew Socks was launched in the summer of 2014 and made their first appearance at a booth in the shadow of the Manti Temple at the Mormon Miracle Pageant. Their fan base quickly grew as athletes bought their socks in their school colors, missionary moms (and girlfriends) sent temple socks in care packages, and word spread through social media posts like this one. Now, True Crew Socks are showing up at ward activities, stake BBQs, youth temple trips, family vacations, EFY, church basketball and even inside a wedding gift or two.

Quoted from their website:

“We love to see the temple, we love to go to the temple, we love to wear the temple. Stride righteous!”

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LDS Temple Socks

Seattle Temple

Sock Info

9 Temples and 12 Color Combinations (see website for details)

  • Los Angeles Temple
  • Manti Temple
  • Mesa Temple
  • Rexburg Temple
  • Provo Temple
  • Salt Lake Temple
  • San Diego Temple
  • Seattle Temple
  • Washington DC Temple

True Crew Socks are high quality athletic socks, made of 80% Acrylic and 20% Nylon-Elastic blend. Each sock has arch support on the foot and mesh top to wick moisture. One size fits most, Size 7-11. Will tighten/shrink up a bit in the dryer.

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LDS Temple Socks

Salt Lake Temple

Want some socks from a different temple?

Do you want a temple that we have not designed yet?  Do you want a design in a different color? If you order 50 pair or more we can custom a design for you. The process takes about a month.

LDS Temple socks for missionaries

Manti Temple


Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored post paid for by True Crew Socks.