Every mission holds a special place in the heart of a missionary. Some missionaries love their mission so much that they return to live in the area where they served! We aren’t suggesting this for every RM, but we know that a mission has a very special place in the heart of every missionary.

Here at LDSMissionaries.com, we have found an amazing gift to remind returned missionaries of where they served. We partnered up with LDS Bookstore to bring you these amazing customized mission rings. We haven’t ever seen anything like this because there isn’t anything like it! These new rings are a very meaningful gift for any missionary or returned missionary.

What a blessing it is to have served a mission. We should never forget the amazing experiences and the miracles we experienced as missionaries. A mission ring can serve as a daily reminder of the blessings we witnessed as missionaries.

These stainless steel, surgical-grade rings are customized for your mission. These rings are made with the comfort fit design and are very stylish for returned missionaries. No matter the country or state, there is a ring for your mission and now you can bring a piece of your mission with you everywhere you go! Never forget the miracles that happened and the amazing memories you had as a missionary. Get your ring today!

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Commemorate the best two years or 18 months of your life with these brand new LDS mission rings. Available only at LDSBookstore.com, the exclusive designs are expertly engraved and specific to your mission.

Each ring features the name of your mission, the flag of the country or outline of the state where you served, and your dates of service. Get yours today!


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Editor’s note: this post was paid for by LDS Bookstore.