10 Week Mission Preparation Countdown

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Editor’s note: this article was found originally on preparedldsfamily.blogspot.com

√ Pre-Mission

– wisdom teeth pulled (usually when 17 or 18)
– get passport (if you can afford it, get one in advance to save time)
– talk to bishop about desire to serve a mission
– start filling out paperwork
– eye exam (ask for 18 mo. or 2 year prescription)
– physical exam
– dental exam
– submit mission papers
– start temple prep class
– start mission prep class
– mission call comes 🙂

Week 10 – As Soon As Possible
– review mission papers
– make copy of mission paper for Mom so she can help you
– Mom make a mission binder to store paperwork & letters
– complete mission immunization shots (if needed)
– complete acceptance letter and mail
– get passport-type pics taken for Visa (if needed)
– complete Visa forms & mail

Week 9 – Temple Prep
– contact Bishop for temple recommend interview
– call temple to make appointment for endowments

Week 8 – Temple Prep
– contact stake pres. for temple recommend interview
– invite family to temple for endowments
– purchase garments; baptismal clothes
– go through temple for first time

Week 7 – Paperwork
– submit college missionary deferment letter (if needed)
– make 2 copies of mission call to take into the mission
– 2 copies black/white of passport. Leave one home, carry other
– print, reduce and laminate 4-generation pedigree chart
– get driving record from DMV
– get driver’s license renewed, if needed
– notify bank you will be out of the country or state for 18 mo. or 2 years so they will understand unusual charges.
– order new debit card so doesn’t expire during your mission

Week 6 – Purchases
– purchase copy of Book of Mormon in foreign language (if needed)
– purchase mission clothes. Allow time for alterations.
– order contact lenses & glasses if needed

Week 5 – More Purchases

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