Rosemary Card, an international model and RM, recently released a new podcast series to help early returning missionaries. Her goal is to help the community open up about subjects that may be hard to talk about and find ways to receive personal revelation.

She says, “The goal of this Q.MORE is to start conversations around tricky to ask questions within our community. Listeners send in questions and then I find experts and great minds to talk about it. Our purpose is to help people receive personal revelation, not to give our opinion of what the answer is.”

Her first episode titled, “Where Did You Serve” includes Thomas Wirthlin McConkie, a descendant of Bruce R McConkie and Joseph B Wirthlin. He grew up in an active family but left the church in his early teens; he came back to activity 20 years later.

Of him, Card writes, “Thomas Wirthlin McConkie does an incredible job sharing wisdom that can really help people struggling with just about anything to feel their worth and a desire to connect with God.”

You can listen to the podcast below or click on the links to find it on Spotify and Itunes.

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