(Source: Family Share; By: Megan Shauri)   Just because you have a strong testimony in a greater being does not mean you are a stick in the mud. You can still have fun, be respectful and easygoing about life. Here are some ways to do just that.

Just because you are religious doesn’t mean you have to be constantly serious. There are ways to still be a good member of your congregation, while being a good-natured member of your community. Here are some examples.

1. Live your religion

The number one thing you can do to be faithful in your religion is to live it. I am not aware of any religion that tells us to think of ourselves as better than others not of our faith, to be disrespectful or mean, or to judge and attack others. On the contrary; we are told to love one another, to be kind to our neighbors and to serve our friends. Living what you are taught in church is the best way to honor your religion. It helps us be the best type of person that others can appreciate without even knowing what church you belong to. It is not necessary to precede every action by first explaining what religion you are.

2. Respect others

Some people feel that people who are super religious only respect those of the same religion. Prove these people wrong. Respect everyone. Be open to talking about what you believe, but don’t close up as soon as someone else shares their ideals. Be respectful and treat them as you would hope they treat you as you share your beliefs.

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