Outbreaks of violence have been happening in Johannesburg South Africa in what has been termed “Xenophobia.” This has consisted of a variety of attacks on foreigners living within its borders. The violence began to escalate in KwaZulu-Natal, and then spread to the Johannesburg area of Gauteng and the East Rand suburb of Primrose, amongst others.

The South Africa Mormon Newsroom has reported:

1. All missionaries are safe
2. All church members are safe; some are being housed with other members.
3. All church property is intact
4. The affected community is being taken care of through partnership with LDS Church, Red Cross & other interfaith organizations.
5. The LDS Church is evaluating & prepared to work in partnership with these other organizations to provide additional resources, as needed.

Latter-day Saints have taken this as an opportunity to serve the community and have joined up with a Methodist church in the area to help those who have been forced to flee the violence. See full report here.

LDS Missionaries safe in South Africa xenophobia attacks

LDS and Methodist church members helping to feed those affected by xenophobia attacks – image via mormonnewsroom.co.za

Watch South Africa Mormon Newsroom FB for further updates on the situation in Johannesburg, as well as in Durban-KZN.