Elder M. Russell Ballard recently gave a talk where he encouraged us to interview ourselves. He suggested that we honestly ask ourselves “how am I doing?” You probably felt the Spirit tell you to have that interview. I loved his questions (that you can find in the link above) and I wanted to add some additional soul-searching questions that might just fit for your situation as a returned missionary. Some may not apply to your specific situation, but many of them are very meaningful and searching questions to ponder in your quest to reach your potential.

1. How would Heavenly Father describe my relationship with Him? Describe me?

2. What is my current confidence level in:

  • Personally applying Christ’s Atonement?
  • My ability to recognize the Spirit?
  • The strength of my testimony?
  • God’s approval of my recent choices?
  • How often I express genuine charity toward others, especially others I can ‘gain nothing’ from?
  • The purity of my motivations?

3. What am I doing to magnify my calling beyond what is ‘minimally expected’?

4. What am I doing in my daily life to ‘build Zion’—serving, cheering, and unifying those around me to be ‘of one heart and one mind’?

5. How deliberate am I in sustaining my leaders? Observing commandments that are not as ‘visible’? (especially the Sabbath and regular temple attendance)

6. In what ways am I a lifelong learner? How will I respond when the Lord asks me how I developed the talents and abilities He gave me? How do I record the light and knowledge given me from God?

7. Who am I? What do I stand for? In what ways am I clearly apart from the world? In what ways am I not distinguishable enough?

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