A Flemish television show called “Ja Jan” follows a man around that is committed to say “yes” to every question for 60 days straight. One day of the show, Jan runs into some LDS missionaries, and inevitably responds “Ja” to every question they ask. The video is not in English, but there are subtitles.

Jan runs into Elder Argueta and his companion, two LDS missionaries from America. When Jan asked Elder Argueta why he was so far from home, Elder Argueta responded that he “was here to share the gospel with people, share a little bit about Jesus Christ, and also serve people.” 

TV Host Says YES to missionaries1

Jan with Elder Arguetta and his companion as a “missionary in transition”

After Jan explained the premise of his TV show, Elder Argueta asked Jan for his number and informed him that they would call him.  A week later, Jan answers their phone call and he commits to meet up with the missionaries, to spend the entire day with them! Not only does he say yes to the missionary’s questions, but to understand a little more about what these missionaries have to deal with each day, he actually bought a shirt and put on a “missionary in transition” badge and pretends to be a missionary with them. It sheds light on the reality of rejection that every missionary goes through on their mission and helps those who don’t quite understand why Mormon missionaries do what they do.

After Jan’s debut as a missionary in transition, he asks the missionaries some searching questions about the death of his father. He even prays with the elders. Watch the video to see for yourself.

TV Show host says yes to LDS missionaries