Elders Mason Wells and Joseph Empey received a wonderful surprise Wednesday when Elder Dallin H. Oaks and Elder Brent H. Nielson, the executive director of the Missionary Department, visited the mission companions at the University of Utah medical center.

Both missionaries were injured in the Belgium terrorist attacks when two suicide bombs detonated in the Brussels airport. Shrapnel from the explosions punctured the missionaries’ bodies, leaving them with injuries that required surgery. Fire from the bomb left both Elders riddled with second and third-degree burns on their faces, heads, and hands.

But, Elder Wells and Empey are doing well and recently returned to Utah to receive further medical treatment.

Elder Oaks praised the missionaries for their service, for their faith, and for the examples they have been to people of all faiths and from all over the world as they’ve shared their hope and testimonies in the midst of dark times.

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