What was it like the first time you knew God really loved you? Do you remember when you first knew for yourself? When were you really converted? What did it feel like? What led up to it? Can you feel so now?

It is a powerful experience for anyone who has truly felt converted to the truth. Conversion is something that changes you inside and out. In the words of Marion G. Romney:

Converted means to turn from one belief or course of action to another. Conversion is a spiritual and moral change. Converted implies not merely mental acceptance of Jesus and his teachings but also a motivating faith in him and his gospel. A faith which works a transformation, an actual change in one’s understanding of life’s meaning and in his allegiance to God in interest, in thought, and in conduct. In one who is really wholly converted, desire for things contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ has actually died. And substituted therefore is a love of God, with a fixed and controlling determination to keep his commandments.”

Mormon Convert

Katarina Jambresic – Convert from Croatia

Katarina Jambresic, a member from Zagreb, Croatia, has experienced this mighty change, and she felt so strongly about it that she has spent a significant amount of time and effort compiling the stories of others who have been converted to the gospel like she has. She has gathered an impressive amount of inspiring conversion stories from converts around the world. Members from 60 countries all over the world have shared their conversion stories with her and she has created an unprecedented record including the stories of these 60 converts. Her book is called: A Global Testimony.

Global Testimony Katarina Jambresic


Jambresic states in the introduction to this book:

“A Global Testimony is a compilation of inspiring and faith-promoting stories from all over the world, representing more than 60 countries and territories, written in first person by converts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Members everywhere can renew the enthusiasm they felt when they first gained a testimony. Those interested in learning more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can find out how those before them came to know the fullness of the gospel and establish or deepen their relationship with God. Future missionaries will see the different ways in which the Spirit testifies. Those wavering in their faith may read to renew their confidence. All will benefit from an increased understanding of life in different cultures and unique paths that have led to the same conclusion—that we have a Father in heaven who is aware of us and loves us individually, whose omniscience is unmatched, and who stands ready to help us unleash our full potential. I believe this book will be an invaluable tool in strengthening the testimonies of members, missionaries and investigators worldwide. It demonstrates the hand of the Lord in the lives of the individuals and families in this book—across diverse cultural, economic and social backgrounds.”

This book is truly an amazing account of the miracles that happen in the lives of people who turn their whole hearts unto God.

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“The Lord has asked us to stand up for what we believe and to share the gospel. Our daily interactions may touch dozens, but our written stories may inspire millions—for generations to come.”

If you haven’t yet, it will inspire you to write down your own conversion story. If you haven’t yet had your own conversion story, seek it. God will answer you just as He has answered each and every one of these people from around the world.

When we seek to know the truth, God answers us through a form of revelation we can understand.

I hope you check out this new and inspiring book that was written and compiled with the intent to lift and strengthen others. Click here to read more.

David Archuleta - A Global Testimony

From the back cover

A Global Testimony

From the back cover