Our prophet turned 89 on Sunday, August 21. And we wanted to join with members around the world to celebrate this incredible man.

An LDS Church News editor who has associated with President Monson for 45 years, who has photographed and reported on his meetings with members, his visits with religious leaders and royalty, and his travels recently reflected on the one thing that stands out the most about this giving family man and devoted servant of the Lord.

“I’ve gleaned many impressions of President Monson, but one stands out: He treats everybody with the same respect and courtesy that he gives dignitaries. While giving deference to an office or title, he sees everyone as brothers and sisters, children of Heavenly Father. Latter-day Saints everywhere call him ‘President Monson.’ Quite often, as when he has placed a telephone call, he has said, ‘This is Brother Monson’ or, more familiarly, ‘This is Tom.'”

President Monson’s genuine care for others shines through everything he does, and his ability to follow the whisperings of the Spirit make him sensitive and loving to the needs of all those he comes in contact with.

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