(Deseret News)

SALT LAKE CITY — As Breann Lasley watched her younger sister run out of their house to get help, she thought it was for the last time.

“I just saw her go upstairs and I thought that was the last time I’d see Kayli because that’s when he started stabbing me. I said, ‘Kayli, he’s stabbing me, he’s stabbing me,'” Lasley recalled Monday.

But it was at that moment that Lasley believes she was protected by two people.

The first was her Savior, Jesus Christ. Lasley said when she went on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she had an experience where she felt he was sitting next to her.

“And I had that exact same feeling in that moment,” she recalled.

The second was a Salt Lake police officer who arrived as she was being attacked and stabbed multiple times with a knife. He shot and killed the intruder just after the man whispered to her that she was going to die.

“That officer came down so composed. And he came downstairs, and right when we made eye contact I knew I was safe. It’s a miracle that he had so much composure and was able to take that shot,” she told the Deseret News.

On Monday, Lasley told the remarkable story of her terrifying ordeal that left her with both physical and emotional scars.

On Sept. 23, Robert Richard Berger, 48, was shot and killed inside Lasley’s house after he forced his way in through an open window. He had just been chased out of an apartment by another family just a few doors away after he tried to enter through their window, but the homeowners had fought back.

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