While Mormons and Christians believe in many of the same things, and both require great faith to keep those beliefs, there are differences between what I believe is Mormonism and other Christians. Here are 21 major differences as I see it, and do understand this is simply what I believe – I’m not declaring doctrine for the LDS Church. I do hope I’m in line with that Church:

  1. We follow the living prophet over ALL written scripture.
  2. Life is a matter of becoming, not barely missing or making heaven.
  3. Absolute circle of life began before beginnings.
  4. Man is co-eternal with God. That means, among other things, that we’ve always existed.
  5. Man was not created to bring Glory to God, for God is not the Universe’s egotist or megalomaniac, but He created us to bring about our Eternal (meaning God-like) existence.
  6. The Afterlife is for doing, not praising and playing harps. God expects us to do things – progress eternally.
  7. Worship is an individual, not a collective matter and not from another human.
  8. Ordinances won’t save you, but they are part of becoming like our Father.
  9. All of the laws, ordinances, rules, commandments are given to help man become like our Father.

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