A notice recently appeared online in the online donations section letting us know that we will soon be able to receive reimbursements electronically instead of via paper check from the financial clerk in the ward.

For those that serve in clerk callings, this will certainly help in the process of sending out reimbursements and processing the paperwork. To enable yourself to receive these electronic reimbursements, you must enable it in your online donation settings in your ChurchOfJesusChrist.Org account. You can even add a separate account for receiving reimbursements or use the same one that you use for tithing.

This will certainly help out the clerks and hopefully speed up the process to get reimbursed. Also in today’s world where people don’t go to the bank often, this can help cut down on a need to go. It can also help prevent mistakes.

Go help out your ward financial clerk and get setup to make things easier for everyone.