In April of 1983, when Steve Young was a star quarterback at Brigham Young University, he miraculously survived a deadly car crash that took the life of a close family friend. The experience changed his life forever.

The semester had just ended, and Young was planning to fly home to Connecticut to visit his parents. But then he got a call from Bonne Simmons, his former bishop’s wife, who expressed concern about her daughter Jill driving home alone. She asked if Young would drive home with her daughter instead of fly.

Young agreed.

“The Simmons family was like my second family,” he says. “Jill was like a little sister.”

Another student joined them at the last minute, and the three of them began the road trip with Young taking the first shift.

“I drove through the night, and when we got to Nebraska in the morning, we switched,” Young recalls. With Simmons now driving, Young quickly fell asleep in the front passenger seat.