South Africa Mormon Newsroom shared this podcast on Facebook on October 6th. It’s so interesting! (President Dube’s part of the interview starts at about 7:05)

“President Thomas Dube from Cosmos City Branch (congregation), joined Pastor Jacqui Rivers from Grace Point Methodist Church as special guests on, an online podcast forum in South Africa. The show, held on Heritage Day 24 October, was entitled: “The Open Book – Unity in Diversity”. President Dube addressed questions ranging from the history of the LDS Church, the Church’s beliefs in relation to family, and controversial subjects such as polygamy. Gareth Cliff, the station’s founder, was recently hosted at the ASEA Area Office, and expressed interest in learning more about the Church and its doctrine. The recent podcast resulted in effective dialogue between the interviewer, Loyiso Bala, President Dube and Pastor Rivers, as they embraced their diversity, rather than being divided by it.”

Click on play to listen to the Podcast. Way to represent, President Dube!

(President Dube’s part of the interview starts at about 7 minutes if you’re pressed for time)

You can also listen to the podcast at Cliff Central.