Torrential rains, terrible floods, 11 dead, and 40,000 homes destroyed. These are the bleak circumstances following the deadly Louisiana flooding.

Church humanitarian response teams and local priesthood leaders are working together with disaster relief organizations to help the over 30,000 people rescued and displaced by the flooding.

With relief supply trucks on the road and members preparing to help clean up neighbors homes, these Latter-day Saints have made an impression on flood survivors.

Rod Dreher, a writer whose home was flooded, recently wrote an article for The American Conservative. After going into an Apple store to see if his computer, which contained his next book, could be salvaged, he recognized the store’s manager, Brent Mangum, who he had seen Sunday morning volunteering at the Celtic Media Center shelter.

That night, when Dreher left at 7 p.m., Mangum was still directing traffic and doing what he could to help out.

While men worked on restoring Dreher’s hard drive, Mangum came over for a little chat. Dreher says:

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