Note from LDS Missionaries: Today was the dedication of the 147th Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. At the Trujillo Peru Temple dedication services, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf presided and gave the dedicatory prayer.

During the Temple open house, a missionary couple witnessed many miracles occurring within their mission, and shared these experiences on their blog, ‘Mark and Dianna-Peru Chiclayo Mission’:

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

This is a Work of Miracles

A few months ago, I participated in teaching a young man named Francisco. His girlfriend is a member of the church and referred him to the missionaries. He had spoken to missionaries of another faith on many occasions and in the beginning, he was trying to convince the Mormon missionaries of their error in believing in their faith. When the missionaries taught him, he always had lots of questions based on his beliefs in this other religion. Over time he began to believe some of the things the missionaries were teaching him, but still had doubts and questions and was unwilling to pray about what the missionaries were teaching him or to read the Book of Mormon. The Elders teaching him were the Assistants to the President and were out of town for two weeks in a row while they helped to carry out 4 Zone Conferences. They had not seen Francisco for three weeks. The Sunday they were back, Francisco walked up to them at church and said, “I want to be baptized.” The Elders were shocked and did not understand what had happened! What made the difference? He had attended the Trujillo Temple Open House the day before and was touched by the Spirit in the Temple. I had the opportunity to witness the baptism of Francisco earlier this month, June 6, 2015.

Missionary Miracles during the Trujillo Peru Temple Open House

Francisco! He had a special tunic made so he could be like Jesus when he was baptized. (Image via

We are seeing many miracles in the work because of the Open House of the Trujillo Temple. It was held from May 8 to May 30, 2015. They had more than 90,000 visitors and 3,000 references.  We were not able to attend the Open House since it is not in our mission! The Temple will be dedicated on June 21, 2015. All of the Saints in the Chiclayo Area are extremely excited about the dedication of this temple. Instead of a 12 hour bus ride to Lima, they will be 3 hours from the Trujillo Temple. We feel that it will make a huge difference in the strength of the Saints in this area to be able to attend the temple on a more regular basis.

The other day, two sister missionaries told me about a woman that they are teaching. Her husband, Guillermo, was baptized last month and his wife had not been very interested in the church. She reluctantly started listening to the sisters. She has had a recurring dream for several years, where she wakes up in a strange place and other people inform her that she is in a graveyard. She is always confused and cannot understand why she is in a graveyard. Then she has always seen a huge lighted building in the distance. This dream has haunted her a little bit, unable to understand what it was about. Then she attended the Temple Open House with her husband. When they got to the temple, she realized that the Trujillo Temple is built right next to a large graveyard and she recognized this as the place in her dream. She exclaimed to her husband, “Guillermo, this is my dream! This is what I saw in my dream! We are supposed to be here!” She felt the Spirit very strongly and especially loved being in the Celestial Room. She has now accepted June 27, 2015 as a date for baptism.

The family that was baptized in March was struggling and having to work on Sunday and felt that they could not attend church any more. The sister missionaries were very worried about them and afraid that their fragile new testimonies were going to be tested. Then they went to the Temple Open House. When they came home, their whole attitude had changed and they were at peace and told the missionaries, “We will do or sacrifice whatever we need to in order to keep attending church. We want to be able to go the temple.” This has always been my experience in attending the temple. Things can seem so confusing and hard to know what to do at times, but then when I attend the temple and everything becomes so clear again. I remember the covenants I have made and my priorities are always put right back in order. What a blessing it is to have temples on the face of the earth and to have the ordinances restored in this day.

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