“I’m a licensed Southern Baptist minister and I embrace the Book of Mormon.”

That is how Lynn Ridenhour begins his article “The Baptist Version of the Book of Mormon,” which he admits is a tongue ‘n’ cheek title, because he believes the whole book, finding that, “there is absolutely nothing in it that contradicts the Bible.”

But, Ridenhour is sure to notify readers that this fact doesn’t deter his current path of faith:

“I believe the truths recorded in it. No, I’m not a convert to the Mormon faith, nor am I a member of any particular ‘spin-off’ restoration group such as the RLDS (Reorganized Latter-day Saints), Hedrikites, or Strangites. I’m still a Baptist minister. To be exact, I’m “charismatic Baptist.” . . .

“And you know what?…

I still believe the Book of Mormon too!

“I know. I can hear you now. ‘…A charismatic Baptist minister who believes the Book of Mormon?! Impossible. That’s like a Protestant Pope…’ No, it’s not. It’s not a contradiction.

The two go hand in hand, really—Protestant doctrine and the Book of Mormon. They’re not at odds. . . . In fact, I discovered, the Book of Mormon is more “Baptist” than the Baptist hymnal in places. I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s so. I read the Book from cover to cover and found as a Baptist minister, there is absolutely nothing in it that contradicts the Bible.

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