The Terrible Advice Mormons Should Stop Giving

The Terrible Advice Mormons Should Stop Giving

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The Terrible Advice Mormons Should Stop Giving
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(Source: Mormon Buzzz; By: Arianna Rees

The other day, one of my friends posted an article from Tech Insider titled “This fearless Mormon feminist is doing something very brave and very dangerous.” I groaned inside, but took the bait and clicked the link anyway. As may have been expected from the title, the article ended up being a fairly sensationalized piece whose primary source was the Mormon feminist. I think one other individual was quoted and even then, just once. I don’t quite consider myself a journalism professional, but having had five years of news-writing experience, I was pained by the lack of professionalism and credibility exhibited by the writer of this piece. It bothered me more than the “very brave and very dangerous” feminist did.  

After reading the post, I scrolled to the comments, hoping to see that someone was clearing up misconceptions, biases, and mistruths this article showcased. What I saw angered me in a different way. There were your typical “MORMONS ARE A CULT!!  DON’T BUY INTO THEIR FAIRYTALE GOD!!!” comments. There were your typical “Mormon leadership is a bunch of greedy white males trying to build shopping malls from your holy money” comments. But the comments that bothered me the most came, surprisingly, from members of the church. These commenters attempted to defend their beliefs, but before doing so, almost every single one of them began their comments with a variation of the following phrase:  

“If you don’t like the church, why don’t you just leave it?”

I cannot begin to number the times I have heard this phrase used by members in their attempts to defend the church. I’ve read Letters to the Editor telling opinion writers that they should get out of Utah if they don’t like the Mormon influence. I’ve read comments on Facebook following the Ordain Women movement that told women who think they’re being treated unfairly to just leave and start their own church...

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  1. Who can doubt — the Lord has been very RICH to believe is so easy ,today ,if just LOOK (do 1.11, Alma 37.36-46)

  2. I have to say that I am a Mormon and love this religion so much. I have never felt like I belonged anywhere in life till I joined the church. So yes I am a convert. It upsets me when people start to bash the church. They do this because they do not understand and do not want to learn about it. My wife’s family has ties to back to the beginning of the church. The best advice I can give is for members to lead by example because everyone is watching. Show the world that we are normal people but we have beliefs that differ from others. I never truly understood it growing up but after the missionaries came to visit I understood. The lord loves us all and wants to see us all return to him.

  3. My Grandparents always told me that people make mistakes but the Church is true. I have been mad at church leaders before and I have been mad at non leaders alike. I have never went inactive because of what someone said or did to me. The Church is true but people are human.

  4. There are just some people who would stand in front of Jesus the Savior himself and tell Him He is all wrong. Consider the source.

  5. I love the restored gospel. It changed mg life And If you come the way you are, not not seeking perfection in no one, you will find answers that will put you on a higher level Of spirituality. Christ live And loves you all. He is the Savior Of the world.

  6. I liken the knowlege of the message of the gospel as the raisng of the brasen serpent by moses in the wilderness. Many jews refused the call to look and live, rather they choose to perish. Such is the experinces we face as mormons. No wonder Christ call it a generation of vibers with eyes, but cannot see, ears, but cannot hear……. . All we need is to simply live our belief, seekers of truth and elects of God will surely accept light when they see it inspite of the devil devises to decieve.

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