Whew! It’s amazing how time flies! About two and a half months ago, I launched a video on YouTube called “Don’t Stop, Sargeant!” to share a message of hope and encouragement for other early returning missionaries (read the full story about that video HERE).


In addition, I’ve been running a Facebook page and Instagram account to share inspiring and faith promoting messages. So much has happened since the launch on February 19th, including the inspiration to make a second video with many other early returned missionaries to help spread awareness about the very real challenges that come from returning early as well as the very real hope of moving forward with life. I would be lying if I said that any of this was easy — it definitely hasn’t been. But worth it? Absolutely.


On my mission, whenever one of our investigators was preparing to be baptized, my companion and I would feel an immense amount of opposition in the time leading up to their baptism date. And when I say immense, I mean immense. We’re talking some pretty heavy and hard stuff. It was like we were bearing all of our investigator’s burdens for them in the time leading up to their baptisms. They were always happier than ever, their spirits so light and free. This was one of the ways that I really came to understand Christ and what it means to bear one another’s burdens.

Sometimes I felt almost like I’d rather not have anyone on date for a baptism just so my companion and I wouldn’t have to go through that very real opposition over and over again! Baptism days in the mission were some of the hardest days of my entire life, no joke. But they were also the most special and memorable. When you help someone come unto Christ, you’re doing the greatest service you could ever do in this life. And with that will come opposition. That’s where bravery comes into play.

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