There’s a lot more missionaries can do to stay safe than simply be obedient and follow the Spirit. If you want to know why you should knock doors from the top of the stairwell, befriend gangsters or let your apartment stay drafty in the winter, then read on!

Safety tips for LDS missionaries

1) Obey the missionary handbook.

The handbook has several general safety tips for all missionaries (including some on this list).

2) Obey your mission president.

Your LDS Mission President may be inspired to give you specific safety guidelines.  Before the Chilean earthquakes, at least one Mission President in Chile was inspired to visit each apartment in the mission and make sure they were prepared in the event an earthquake should happen.

3) Avoid dark pathways at night.

I lost one of my ties to a drunk Argentinian because my companion and I walked on a dimly-lit path one night.  Luckily the man didn’t take anything else from us and we were able to safely leave the situation. As I’ve interviewed dozens of returned missionaries, I’ve noticed a common theme- almost all dangerous encounters happen in the evening.

4) Stay with your companion at all times.

This is essential and will protect you physically and spiritually.

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