Latter-day Saints are no strangers to odd stories made up about us. But while these tall tales are odd, sad, and completely untrue, they are definitely hilarious. Hope you enjoy.

1. Mormons are Actually Illuminati

If you’re going to go for conspiracy theories, I guess you’ve got to start at the top. And no good conspiracy theory is complete without the Illuminati. Ex-Mormon BehindCurtain wrote in 2013 that Mormons were obviously Illuminati because the Illuminati supposedly has a hold of the CIA, and Mormons are in the CIA.

If that’s not enough for you the Illuminati have the reputation of advertising destructive events before they occur, just like Mormons have prophets. Coincidence?

The Vigilant Christian in 2014 posted a YouTube rant that Mormons including Joseph Smith joined the Free Masons. And Free Masons and Illuminati are the same thing. (They’re not.)

Still not convinced, well the church once borrowed money from a bank owned by a man whose daughter was married to someone who almost definitely was an Illuminati.

2. Mormons Protect Shape Shifting Reptilians