Recently returned missionaries are very familiar with “The District,” a set of missionary training videos, also known to the public as a reality television series on missionary work.

The original “District” came out in 2007, and the missionaries featured were serving in the San Antonio Texas mission. The San Antonio mission was selected because it was known for having a lot of baptisms as a result of the missionaries’ finding capabilities. After the first season was released, the missionary department identified teaching as a concern. Also, they thought that the first “District” looked too perfect and they wanted to expose the reality of tough missionary work. So, “The District 2″ was filmed in 2009 and released June 2010, and this time the San Diego California mission was in the spotlight.

As a missionary, I clearly remember watching episodes of “The District” with my trainer and with my greenie. We always looked forward to the days we were able to pop some popcorn and watch our favorite missionaries preach the gospel. After the mission I was curious to know what happened to these powerful missionaries. Where are they now?

Below are updates on some of the returned missionaries featured in “The District,” all of the missionaries below were in “The District 2″ with the exception of Elder Reis who was in “The District 1.”

Elder J Tyler Christensen

The District Then and Now - Missionary Reality TV show

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