The Best (and perhaps ONLY) LDS Missionary Post on Ello

(Image via portostreetshooting on Ello)

Ello is a newer social media platform that made some noise in the autumn of 2014, but we haven’t heard a peep out of it this year. There aren’t a lot of people on it right now (maybe 1 million?), and there’s definitely not a lot of accounts featuring LDS posts. We only found one photo post about our favorite topic, LDS MISSIONARIES, and it wasn’t even by a Mormon!

It’s by a street photographer in Porto, Portugal. Thanks for the shout out, @portostreetshooting on Ello! Here’s to Elder Peck and Elder Lee, featured in the post. If you just so happened to create an Ello account last fall, go like this post! It has only 1 like.