From April 1984 until October 2017, Russell M. Nelson has given 70 talks in General Conference. As he has now been called and set apart as the 17th President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, what better way to get to know him than reading all of his General Conference talks?

Click on the title of the talk below to be directed to the video and text of the talk. (As he continues to give talks at General Conference, this page will be updated.)

Week 1: 1984-1987
Talk 1: Call to the Holy Apostleship
Talk 2: Protect the Spiritual Power Line
Talk 3: Reverence for Life
Talk 4: Self-Mastery
Talk 5: In the Lord’s Own Way
Talk 6: “Joy Cometh in the Morning”
Talk 7: Life after Life

Week 2: 1987-1990
Talk 8: Lessons from Eve
Talk 9: Keys of the Priesthood
Talk 10: “With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible”
Talk 11: Addiction or Freedom
Talk 12: The Canker of Contention
Talk 13: Woman-Of Infinite Worth
Talk 14: “Thus Shall My Church Be Called”

Week 3: 1990-1993
Talk 15: Choices
Talk 16: Listen to Learn
Talk 17: “These … Were Our Examples”
Talk 18: Doors of Death
Talk 19: Where is Wisdom?
Talk 20: Honoring the Priesthood
Talk 21: Combatting Spiritual Drift-Our Global Pandemic

Week 4: 1993-1996
Talk 22: Constancy amid Change
Talk 23: “Teach Us Tolerance and Love”
Talk 24: The Spirit of Elijah
Talk 25: Children of the Covenant
Talk 26: Perfection Pending
Talk 27: “Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods”
Talk 28: The Atonement


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